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Cheap Web Hosting PHP

What Is PHP? - Cheap Web Hosting PHP

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a popular, open source scripting language for building web applications.  It is the most popular way for developers to break the web free from static (rarely changing) web pages, and instead create web pages that automatically connect with databases and update information in real time.  In the past, in order to take advantage of PHP features, you had to have your own dedicated server.  Now, shared web hosting companies are able to provide PHP service too.  With cheap web hosting php, you can start using PHP for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. 

Developer Test Sites - Cheap Web Hosting PHP

cheap web hosting phpSo you're a web developer that's creating a web application for a company.  Chances are you'll need a test server to see how it will perform.  Cheap web hosting PHP is a great alternative to building your own server.  With cheap web hosting PHP, you don't have to deal with the expense and hassle of setting up your own hardware.  Cheap web hosting PHP allows you to start developing right away, without the delays of server setup and maintenance.

Develop Faster with Cheap Web Hosting PHP

cheap web hosting php fastSetting up your own web server is complicated.  You have to pay for the hardware, the software, and you have to spend the time to set it all up.  Why set up your own server from scratch when you can get cheap web hosting PHP?  With cheap web hosting PHP, you can start developing right away.  With a cheap web hosting php plan, you just log in, upload your latest code, and you're running!  No more wasting time with server setup, repair, maintenance and software updates.

Reliable Uptimes with Cheap Web Hosting PHP

Stop worrying about blackouts and server problems.  Never worry about device drivers on your server again.  Hurricane Electric uses high performance servers for their cheap web hosting php accounts.  With battery backups and multiple Internet connections, these servers will survive blackouts and connections outages.  Cheap web hosting php is affordable and reliable.

Go Live With Cheap Web Hosting PHP

cheap web hosting php reliableWhen you're done testing your web application, you can use your same cheap web hosting package to launch.  The same stable, high-performance servers that helped you develop quickly, can also handle real client use.  Not worrying about transitioning from testing server to launch server will save you time and hassle.  It's the benefit of having the best cheap web hostingLearn more at